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7ма среща на Европейската мрежа от докторанти

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to inform you that the 7th Meeting of the European PhD Network on the Third Sector and Civil Society at Muenster University has still some places available for PhD students from the Central and Eastern European countries. There are two slots for students from each European country and at the moment we do not have applications from all Central European countries except the Czech Republic and Hungary. Please find enclosed the Call for Participation.

Best wishes,
Matthias Freise

Call for Participants

7th Meeting of the European PhD Network on the Third Sector and Civil Society at Muenster University

What: Network Meeting
Who: European PhD Students on topics related to the third sector or civil society
When: Thursday 2007 - 05 - 17 to Sunday 2007 - 05 - 20
Where: Münster (Germany), University of Münster

Contact: Matthias Freise ( )

Deadline for Applications: Interested PhD students should contact Matthias Freise ( ) at Muenster University before February, 23rd 2007.

Everyone will be notified by April 2nd whether they will be able to participate in the meeting or not. The organizers will strive to compose a balance among the participants regarding countries as well as disciplines and issues represented. It will be also ensured that at least each of the sexes must stay between 33.3% and 66.7%. All students should in their e-mail communication include information on:
· Full name
· Contact details (including e-mail address)
· Disciplinary background
· Institutional affiliation and supervisor(s)
· Participation in former network meetings
· Working title of PhD project and formal start/end dates
· Abstract of PhD research (300-600 words)

About the Network
The goal of the seminar is to bring together Phd students doing research on the third sector and civil society in Europe. From the
outset, the seminar has been enthusiastically received by the PhD students involved. In 2006 the annual seminar was organised in Vienna after Rolduc in the Netherlands (2005), Stockholm (2004), Dublin (2003) and Windsor (2002 and 2001). In 2007, it will be organised by Muenster University in Germany. The programme has scheduled to four days, starting Thursday evening, ending Sunday at lunchtime. These days are partially filled with lectures from renowned scholars in the field, addressing both scientific themes (e.g. the governance of non- profits, social capital and volunteering) and practical issues ( e.g. supervisor-student relationships, the writing process, the borderline between academic and applied research).

However, the core of the seminar is the discussion of the work of individual students, who are obliged to hand in papers on their
research and to reflect on the work of fellow students. This happens in groups of 6-7 students, facilitated by both a senior researcher and a recently graduated PhD student (usually one who attended the network in previous years). Meetings include both regulars and newcomers.

The seminar has two main benefits. First, it helps students in their PhD research, both through the lectures and the intensive group discussions. Second, it puts people in touch on a cross-disciplinary and cross-national basis. Earlier meetings have been successful thanks to the diversity of students and projects brought together, but also as a result of the limited scale of the arrangements, with no more than 30-45 participants. Another important outcome of the meetings has been to help the students become part of an emerging network of young European scholars working on similar themes.

The date of the meeting will be May 17th - 20th, 2007. We will start on Thursday (Ascension Day) with a key note speech and finish on Sunday after lunch.

The meeting will take place at the Department for Political Science at Muenster University. Muenster is located close to the German-Dutch border and hosts one of the largest German Universities. The city is easily accessible by train or plane. The local airport
(Muenster/Osnabrück) offers may connections to European cities.

The costs of accommodation during the seminar will be paid for directly by the organisation. The same applies to meals. Travel costs will be refunded afterwards. Since our budget is limited, we can only refund the costs of the cheapest available flights and public transport to Muenster.

Places available
There will be 45 places available for the network meeting. The local organizers will try to include students from as many countries as possible so that there will be a limit of three to four students from each country. Since there is a special budget for students from Central and Eastern European countries those are encouraged to apply.

Dr. Matthias Freise
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Nachwuchsgruppe "Europäische Zivilgesellschaft"
Prinzipalmarkt 38, 48143 Münster
Tel. ++49 (0) 251 / 510 38 - 22, Fax: ++49 (0) 251 / 510 38 - 24
Web: http://nez.uni-muenster.de

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