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"Telos, Ethos и Demos: Бъдещето на Европейската интеграция"

Summer School

Telos, Ethos, Demos and the Future of the European Integration Process
Vama Veche, 20 – 26 August 2007

An interactive seminar on a challenging topic with lecturers from Luxembourg, U.K., Germany & Romania

A limited number of scholarships is available.

Please send CV, Letter of Intention, two page Essay and two Recommendation Letters to European Cultural Centre, Bucharest
Phone/fax: (4021) 650 81 45; (4021) 650 32 80

The Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies is a forum of intellectual discussions and research, as well as a platform of training and upgrading for undergraduates and young professionals from both western and eastern countries.

One of the Institute's constant themes of research and debate has been the European integration viewed as a particularly dynamic and challenging process. The topic has been explored for the last 13 years under the form of summer schools organized by the Institute in cooperation with the Black Sea University Foundation, and, later on, with the European Cultural Centre, Bucharest,, at Mangalia and Vama Veche, in Romania.

The 2007 seminar will focus on the desirability and feasibility of a common telos, demos and ethos for the upcoming European Union.

Telos: Should the finality of the European integration process be determined expressis verbis ? If so, what should be the ultimate aim: a full-fledged political community or above all an economic union ?
Might the search for a common telos prove divisive and thus
counterproductive ?

Ethos: Is the EU bound to be a community of values ? Does it make sense to put forward a catalogue of common values going beyond those that have been agreed upon in the constitutional text?

Demos: How important is the emergence of a European people for the success of the European endeavour ? How to bring about a common European awareness and we-feeling? How to involve European citizens and nations more directly and more strongly into the European political process ?

- students, young researchers and professionals interested in the topic
- representatives of higher educat-ion, of specialized institutions, of political parties, of NGO's, of the mass-media

Director, Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies

Lecturer, London School of Economics

President, Black Sea University Foundation Vicepresident, European
Cultural Centre

University of Trier

- The original telos of the European integration process and how it evolved through five decades 
- A teleological versus a pragmatic approach of European integration 
- Finality and enlargement : possible political aspirations in a wider Europe;
- Does the European Union rest on common values ? Should there be common values ? 
- Are there European citizens but is there no European demos? 
- Is it necessary to render the European Union more democratic ? Is this feasible ? 
- Democratization and institutional reform 
- Differing perceptions of the European integration process in various parts of Europe 
-  The role of the European Union in world politics

Payment of the 365 Euro/1,170 RON course fee will be made: in cash, at arrival or by bank transfer

For more information on the programme, you may like to contact:
Mrs. Maria Burs-Popescu, Executive Director
European Cultural Centre, Bucharest
49-51, Sf. Voievozi St., apt. 16
Bucharest-1, Romania
Tel./fax:+4021- 6503280;tel. :+4021-6508145

31 декември 2020
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31 декември 2020
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27 юли 2020
Отворено е кандидатстването за третото издание на програмата Предприемачи в науката
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