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Докторантски позиции, репродуктивна биология

2 PhD Positions
Reproductive Biology Research Cluster, School of Ag, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Sciences Centre

PhD Projects available include the regulation of MHC-1 expression during preimplantation embryo development and molecular analysis of mammalian oocyte maturation

The Reproductive Biology Research Cluster (RBRC) was established in UCD in 2007. The Cluster comprises a group of highly motivated, internationally recognized scientists from UCD and Teagasc whose research interests focus on fertility in domestic animals using cutting edge technologies, established animal models, in vitro tissue culture and bioinformatic tools for the analysis of reproductive tissues (follicles, oocytes, embryos, uterus). Sample collection and initial processing will be carried out at UCD’s Lyons Research Farm.

The Cluster has recently been award a multi-million Euro grant from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) to address specific aspects of female infertility focusing on events in the days immediately before and after fertilization. The overall objective is to identify genes, proteins and other complex molecules, and their expression patterns, in bovine ovarian follicles, oocytes, embryos, cervix and uterus that are responsible for, or are markers of, infertility.

Project Descirption
PhD Projects available include the regulation of MHC-1 expression during preimplantation embryo development and molecular analysis of mammalian oocyte maturation. The endpoint of these experiments is to increase our understanding of the factors, which control the developmental potential of mammalian oocytes and embryos, ultimately leading to the establishment of pregnancy.

Lab work will include mRNA and protein analysis of mammalian reproductive tissues using a range of both standard biotechnology tools such as sequencing, PCR, immunohistochemistr y, western blotting and more innovative bioinformatic dependent methods such as RNASEQ, FAIRESEQ and X-ChIP analysis.

The projects will form part of well structured and carefully supervised PhD programmes according to the University’s postgraduate training policy.

Website: www.ucd.ie/agfoodvet

Terms and conditions
All PhD candidates must hold a minimum of a First or 2.1 honours science degree in, biochemistry or another relevant life science discipline.

All enquires to:
Dr Niamh Mc Loughlin
Project Manager
Reproductive Biology Research Cluster
Phone 00353 1 716 6017
E mail:  

Closing Date 24th October 2008

Start Date 01 Dec 2008

18 декември 2020
в рамките на международна програма на DBU. Отпускат се минимум за 6 и максимум за 12 месеца.

12 октомври 2020
Отличието се дава на изявен редовен докторант в една от следните области: Естествени науки; Технически науки; Медицински науки.

27 юли 2020
Отворено е кандидатстването за третото издание на програмата Предприемачи в науката

9 юли 2020
за престой на високо научно ниво в рамките на един месец, на докторанти, на млади научни работници и на утвърдени преподаватели и изследователи.

2 юли 2020
Катедра „Правни и хуманитарни науки“ към Стопанския факултет на Технически Университет-София ви кани на поредния теоретичен семинар, 20 – 21 октомври 2020 г.
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