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Глобализация, национализъм и етнически конфликти на Балканите

"Globalization, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflicts in The Balkans and Its Regional Context"
International Conference
Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN)
Forum for Ethnic Relations (FER)
Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro)
28-30 September 2006


The Forum and the ASN are accepting proposals for panels or individual papers. Proposals must be sent by e-mail to Slobodan Boškovic ( ) at the Forum for Ethnic relations, . All information regarding the registration, paper and panel proposals are available on Forum site: http://www.fer.org.yu

Deadline for proposals: 15 March 2006.
Deadline for registration: 15 May 2006.
Registration Information will be announced during April/May 2006

The Conference will have a dual focus on both general topics related to the study of nationalism and more specifically on Southeastern Europe. The priority topics of the Conference will be:
- Theoretical and methodological framework for the research and understanding of globalization, nationalism and ethnic conflict
- The development of national identity and the challenges of globalization
- Origins, elements and forms of ethno-nationalism at the end of 20th and the beginning of 21st century
- Anatomy and genesis of ethnic conflicts: national, regional and global aspects
- Political, religious and national extremism, violence and terrorism
- Globalization, ethnic conflicts and organized crime, with special emphasis on illegal migration
- Conflict prevention and dealing with consequences of conflict
- Lessons learned from EU and UN peace missions
- Human rights and democracy at preventing, resolving and dealing with the consequences of conflict, including supporting measures facilitating peaceful conciliation of group interests
- Support and assistance to the victims of violation of human rights during the conflicts
- Promotion and protection of minority rights
- Measures to combat racism and xenophobia, and to protect minorities and indigenous peoples
- Lessons learnt from the state-building experience in former Yugoslavia
- Post-conflict multiethnic states in the Balkans
- Nationalism and the challenge of democratization; Is post-communism still a relevant category for the study of nationalism?

The Conference is inviting submissions of recent
documentaries or feature films and available in video (VHS
or DVD) format. The videos selected for the convention will
be screened during regular panel slots and will be followed
by a discussion moderated by academic experts.

Competition for 40 fellowship grants will be available. Fellowship grants include travel, accommodation (room and
board) and Conference fee.

Terms of competition:

Young researchers from the following countries will be
eligible to apply: Bosnia and Herzegovina (five grants), Croatia (four grants), Macedonia (five grants), Albania (five grants), Bulgaria (five grants), Romania (three grants), Serbia (five grants), Montenegro (three grants), and Kosovo (five grants).Candidates should prepare and submit the papers to the Academic Advisory Board not later than March 31st 2006 Preference will be given to young candidates (35 years of age and younger)

Detailed terms of competition will be announced soon on: http://www.fer.org.yu

Forum for Ethnic Relations (FER)
Kraljice Natalije 45
11 000 Belgrade
phone/fax: 381 11 361 66 54, 381 11 362 07 81
web: http://www.fer.org.yu

31 декември 2020
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31 декември 2020
Посолството на Швейцария в България в сътрудничество с Център за академични изследвания София (https://cas.bg) обявява ежегодния си конкурс за стипендии за български граждани, завършили висше образование

18 декември 2020
в рамките на международна програма на DBU. Отпускат се минимум за 6 и максимум за 12 месеца.

12 октомври 2020
Отличието се дава на изявен редовен докторант в една от следните области: Естествени науки; Технически науки; Медицински науки.

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