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Курсове на Института Фарадей "Наука и религия"

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is an academic research enterprise based at St Edmund's College, Cambridge. The Faraday Institute offers informed and intellectually rigorous courses on the relationship between science and religion, delivered by speakers eminent in their own discipline and in this inter-disciplinary field. Post-doc and student fees are heavily discounted and bursaries are available for those from low-income countries.

Forthcoming courses are as follows:

Summer Course no. 1: 16-29 July 2006, St Edmund's College, Cambridge

This course will be organised as two one-week Units; delegates may attend either or both weeks. The first week is designed for scientists and looks at some of the big questions in the science-religion debate, including focused days on the anthropic principle, evolution, mind/brain, how science and religion may relate, and ethical issues in the application of science. The second week focuses in more depth on the history and philosophy of science and religion, for example looking at how knowledge in each sphere is justified, and how God might act in a world described by scientific laws.

Week 1, 16-22 July: "The Big Questions in Science and Religion"

Week 2, 23-29 July: "Science, Philosophy and Theology"

Speakers include: Prof .George Ellis, Prof. Simon Conway Morris FRS, Prof. John Bryant, Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS, Prof. Gareth Jones, Prof. Jeff Schloss, Prof. Colin Humphreys, Prof. Roger Trigg, Prof Ernan McMullin, Prof. Mikael Stenmark, Prof. David Lindberg, Prof. Peter Harrison.

Short course no.2: Science, Faith and Society
22-24 September 2006, Westminster College, Cambridge

This course will be of interest to all those concerned with the way that the ethical implications of scientific discoveries, as well as the handling of science and religion more specifically, are handled by the media, by government, and in education, thereby shaping public perceptions of both science, ethics and religion. The course will be of particular interest to scientists concerned with the public understanding of science, to those in the media involved in communicating science and/or religion, to teachers and all involved in education, to those in government involved in shaping policy, and to all members of the general public who have an interest in the way science and faith interact in society.

Speakers include: Prof. Sir John Houghton FRS, Dr David Cook, Dr Peter Moore, Prof. Michael Banner.

For more details, including eligibility, application forms and details about discounts and bursaries, visit www.faraday-institute.org.

31 декември 2020
осолството на Швейцария в България в сътрудничество с Център за академични изследвания София (https://cas.bg) обявява ежегодния си конкурс за стипендии за български граждани, завършили висше образование, както и за желаещи да специализират в областта на и

31 декември 2020
Посолството на Швейцария в България в сътрудничество с Център за академични изследвания София (https://cas.bg) обявява ежегодния си конкурс за стипендии за български граждани, завършили висше образование

18 декември 2020
в рамките на международна програма на DBU. Отпускат се минимум за 6 и максимум за 12 месеца.

12 октомври 2020
Отличието се дава на изявен редовен докторант в една от следните области: Естествени науки; Технически науки; Медицински науки.

27 юли 2020
Отворено е кандидатстването за третото издание на програмата Предприемачи в науката
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